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4 Things Every Business Owner Should Do Before the Year Ends

The close of the year can be a hectic time for business owners. Not only do you need to close loose ends, but you must also begin on planning for the upcoming year.

As 2019 ends, make sure you follow these 4 crucial steps to start off the new decade on the right foot:

  1. Get Your Financial Books Organized

Whether your business is small enough to allow for sorting through your business receipts and payroll yourself or large enough to include a bookkeeper, you should complete this step before beginning any other year-end actions. Make sure can account for all your financial obligations so you can easily tackle tax season.

  1. Prepare Necessary Tax Documents

Once your finances are in order, you can prepare all tax documents applicable to your business. Starting this process before the end of the year will ensure completion earlier than the official tax deadline.

  1. Review Your Accomplishments

Go through what you and your staff completed throughout the year. Were there things you hoped to accomplish but didn’t? Were you able to complete more than expected? Make a detailed itinerary of what your company has achieved this year to better help you understand what you need for next year.

  1. Set Goals for the New Year

Once you have all the financial planning out of the way, what next? Create a list of everything you would like to accomplish next year. This could include:

  • Goals
  • Action plans
  • Business strategies

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