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5 Tips to Help Small Businesses Avoid Lawsuits

Protect Yourself from Potential Destruction

The threat of a lawsuit against your small business is enough to make any new entrepreneur anxious and stressed. The impact of such a lawsuit can affect much more than just finances, consuming time, energy, and attention. Don’t go blindly into the world of business. The Duluth, GA business law attorney at The Smith Willis Law Firm is dedicated to protecting your best interests while working to save money and mitigate risks, helping your small business to persevere despite any speed bumps. We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you avoid lawsuits as you move forward, and your business grows.

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Tips for Avoiding Lawsuits

When you are starting a small business, it pays to have some legal advice at your fingertips to help guide you on a successful, and legally safe, path. The list below provides best practices for new business owners to help you avoid unnecessary lawsuits:

  1. Obtain liability insurance: Liability insurance protects against slips and falls, data breaches, property damage and a myriad of other issues. Insurance companies will investigate and negotiate on your behalf, helping to cut off potential lawsuits.
  2. Follow laws and contracts: Put all legal or contractual correspondence in writing and know what you are signing.  Also, many lawsuits come from employees who feel wronged by their employer. Avoid this issue by following discrimination laws and abiding by employment contracts. Make sure that your employees are not working off the clock, are taking necessary breaks, and are working within the realm of their job duties as explained in their job description.
  3. Establish best practices and procedures: Make sure that internal and external relationships have set procedures and practices and stick to them!
  4. Trust your intuition: Our gut gives us good insight as to a potentially negative or dangerous clients or customers. Trust it! If something feels off—investigate thoroughly before moving forward or avoid it all together.
  5. Hire an experienced small business lawyers: If you have access to a small business lawyer, you can ask questions as needed, preemptively protect yourself from lawsuits, and handle disgruntled employees or customers. Investing in a relationship with an attorney is worth thousands in avoided lawsuits.

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